Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby's Room!

We are starting to clear out the baby's room and prepare to get it ready for his arrival!
Here are some of the things we have pulled together- and I will be sure to post pictures of everything together!
Paint Colour:
Wall Art: (colours a little different)
For above the crib:
For above the change table/dresser:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Some Random Pics

Fun with Grandma

Lily had a fun day on Friday when Grandma was babysitting her!

Grandma planned a picnic lunch:

And then they planted and played in the garden:

Fathers Day 2010

We had a great Father's Day weekend... lots of time with Daddy, Grandpa, Avo, and great grandpa's! Here are just a few pics from our busy weekend of Father's Day events:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strawberries and Papa!

This summer Papa planted some strawberries for Lily to pick... last night we went over there for supper and Lily had a great time picking berries with Papa!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Potty Update!

As I have mentioned before, Lily is pretty good at peeing on the Potty... but lately she has been getting even better.

Yesterday she went 24 hours with just ONE wet diaper!! We are so proud of our little girl :)

She often tells us "Potty" and we run her to it- sometimes she has just gone, other times she goes as soon as we sit her on it!

She is also in an Ewww stage- where she thinks poop is gross- so she will not hang out in a poopy diaper, lol.

Here is a cute clip of the new huggies commercial... we are pampers users, but I did go buy a package of these because they are just too cute!

and here is a pic of Lily in the diapers:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Update

Only 99 days to go!! Finally double digits, haha!

Things are going well with the baby so far- he kicks and moves a ton!!

I have been getting pretty bad braxton hicks, sciatica issues, and heartburn... but it will all be worth it when our little guy arrives!

I go for my Gestational Diabetes test next week, and another ultrasound in 2-3 weeks... we want to make sure there is enough fluid in there- hopefully there is and we can avoid bedrest!

I will try to take a belly pic at some point this weekend!

Just Pics

Lily's Fish

Lately we have noticed Lily has been fascinated by fish... She loves when Elmo's fish Dorothy is on his movies, although she calls it "Dora Dora"... So we finally decided to get her some goldfish!

She was so excited in the store and loved watching them all. When she was presented with her 2 in a bag she had a smile ear to ear!

She has named them "Dora Dora" and "Boots"... No surprises there!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Growing up so fast!

Lily was 18months last week... growing up so fast! I can't believe my baby girl is no longer a baby- she is a toddler! She runs, climbs, talks, dances, everything! She cracks us up all the time!

This afternoon I brought her to the doctors for her 18m check up and shots... she was fine until we were in the exam room... and then she freaked out until we left! She got 2 needles today, poor baby! When she got the needles she was sitting on my lap with just a diaper on... well she got so upset when she got the needles that she peed so much it leaked out the sides of the diaper and ALL over my pants- made it look like I peed myself! She was much happier once we got out of there and headed home!

So we have also been trying to prepare Lily a bit for the baby... last week we decided to get Lily a baby boy doll and a stroller- she has been very into feeding her babies, hugging and kissing them. She loves pushing her baby doll around!

We have also recently stopped using bottles in our house, and she only gets her beaka(soother) in her crib. She did great with these- and she actually initiated the no bottles- she started asking for cups!

By the end of this month Lily should be in her big girl bed- which is my old bed that my Dad built when I was a little girl... Nelson is going to sand and paint it for her! We have already purchased some big girl bedding, and Lily's Ava is making her curtain valance. We (Nelson) is also going to finish an armoir for Lily. Our plan is to take the crib down once the bed is ready- and we will put it in the basement for a bit... we don't want her to feel like we are just giving it to the baby- so I have heard that is easiest if it is down for a little bit! I am really looking forward to Lily being in a bed- it will be MUCH easier for me to get her in and out of bed, and to lay with her... my belly is really starting to get in the way!!

Lily is growing up so fast- we love her more and more everyday- she is just one amazing little girl!!

I will post pictures soon- we are going to attempt some pictures at Zehrs for her 18m... but the Valentine's and Easter ones didn't go over so well!