Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun with Friends!

Friday night we went to my best friends 30th birthday party... the theme was the 80's... we all had a blast dressing up and enjoying the music, candy and foods from the 80s!
Lily trying to figure out what a slinky does!
Lily and Lindsay

 Our family

 Charlie couldn't keep his eyes off Jordan and his outfit, haha

Our little soccer player!

Lily started playing soccer this past weekend... she is the tinest on her team, but she had a great time!  She tried to keep up and got very excited everytime she scored (on an open net, during practice)... It was adorable!!

We are looking forward to spending our Saturday mornings on the soccer field!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 TEETH!!!

We went from 0 to 2 teeth in just a few days!
I tried to capture a picture of them, but no go :(
He is also pulling himself up on everything- we found him standing in his crib this morning, standing at Lily's desk, on her chair, and holding on to the couch!
He is growing up way too fast!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Charlie has a tooth!!! (and other happenings)

This morning at the park I discovered Charlie's first tooth!!! He was flashing me a HUGE smile and laugh when I noticed the tiny white bud!!  Another first for Charlie this week is climbing- he climbs everything and pulls himself up- on chairs, toy bins, my legs, everything!! 

We had a great morning at the park, we all finally feel normal and healthy again! Today was the first day we are all back in good health- and we are beyond thankful for that! While at the park Charlie had his first experience on the swing- He LOVED it, laughed so much- I loved it, and I can't wait for us to get our swingset up in the backyard!

I don't have much of a post about Mother's day- it was a bit low key this year as Nelson wasn't feeling great in the morning and then I started to feel pretty brutal in the afternoon. On a positive note, Nelson and the kids got me some beautiful flowers and we had ordered me a necklace I wanted- I am a very lucky girl.

We have had some great weather here this week- so we have been trying to spend our time outside!

Here are a few pictures:
Park fun!!

Charlie's huge smiles on the swing!!
A sight never seen before... Lily with her hands in the dirt!!
(this was followed with "Daaaddy... water my hands clean")
Helping Daddy edge the lawn
 Lily with her big girl bike!
The gang at the park!!
Charlie pulling himself up on Lily's chair
My Mother's Day Necklace
More Charlie smiles... just because he is so cute!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sickness GO AWAY... Leave us be please!!

This has been a rough week!! We thought we were in the clear, and then Charlie got sick- vomiting, diarrhea, fever, whining, crying, etc- my poor baby!! He hasn't eaten any solids in 24hrs, but is still nursing regularly and drinking some pedialyte. His fever finally broke a few hours ago, but his diapers are still liquid :(

Nelson also isn't feeling great tonight- he went to bed very early.

Lily is super whiny, having nightmares, and having trouble falling asleep.

With all of these things together, our stress levels are through the roof! We have decided to postpone our trip :( We were supposed to be going to Myrtle Beach on Tuesday, but now we are going to go away with the kids somewhere fun for a few day and then do a big trip at some point before January 2012. We are sad, but we feel much better about this- and look forward to going away somewhere when everyone is healthier and happier!!

If anyone has any ideas on somewhere fun to go next week, localish, for a few days please let me know!!
Lily not feeling well:
Charlie stayed on this blanket for a long time, never tried to crawl off... so not my normal baby boy!
Lily feeling a bit better, smiles at lunch time (eating a lunchables... she often get these, but its a treat that is better than Easter candy after being sick)
Mr. Charlie with his pedialyte.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not the best weekend

We had quite the weekend, and not in a good way!

On Friday Lily, Charlie and I loaded into my parents van along with my mom, dad, and sister Michele- we were headed to Ohio to attend my cousin's first communion.  The trip down was great- the kids were amazing and we got there in decent time!   We did a little Target shopping and went to my aunt and uncles for dinner and some "Just Dance 2"- we had a great time! Then we headed back to our hotel... Thats when everything went downhill.

I got the kids in their PJ's and was getting Lily settled in the bed when I heard a splat... she had thrown up all over the bed.  I got her cleaned up and called housekeeping for some new sheets... we repeated this process a few times (I felt SO bad for housekeeping).  Lily finally fell asleep, but woke up throwing up Saturday morning.  My parents, sister and Charlie all went to the communion and Lily and I hung out and took it easy- she threw up a ton!  By this point she was just so tired, whiney and wanted her own bed.   Once the communion was over we decided it was best to head home a day early.
I can honestly say the ride home was the worst 7hrs ever.. Lily throwing up and Charlie screaming- it was awful :(  When we finally got home Lily was exhausted and fell right asleep!

Sunday Lily was NOT herself- she just layed around all day, didn't even want to watch TV... she started throwing up a ton more in the late afternoon- I knew she must be getting dehydrated as she hadn't kept much down in 2 full days at this point.  We packed up, dropped Charlie at my parents and went to the ER.

We sat in the ER for what seemed like forever- she threw up a bunch there.  Finally we were seen and she was put on an IV to rehydrate her- she still kept throwing up.  Finally at 2am they admitted my poor baby.  All she wanted to do was sleep- but they still did Xrays and bloodwork- it honestly broke my heart :(

Because I am still breastfeeding Charlie I headed to my parents to get him and bring him home- and Nelson stayed with Lily.  I was back at the hospital the next morning to be with her!

Lily was amazing the whole stay- she was so well behaved and soo brave!!   The fluids helped her a ton and she improved very quickly!  We were told she would have to stay 2 nights- but she did so well that they let us go home after supper last night!!

She is doing MUCH better today- back to her regular self... acting silly, playing with Charlie, and getting into everything!!

I am so glad she is doing better- I hope she continues to improve and the rest of us stay healthy as we are headed on our first big vacation next week- plane rides and the beach- here we come!!

Here are some pics of my baby girl during her hospital stay:

Lily in the emergency room
 Hanging out in her room
 Once she started feeling a bit better
  Lily's room had a river view!