Friday, July 23, 2010

Girly Girl

Every once in awhile Lily seemed to get picky with what she wanted, or did not, want to wear... but this week she has taken it to a whole new level. Every single day this week Lily has wanted to wear a dress... nothing else will do, oh, except for a skirt! When we open her closet to get clothes out in the morning Lily screams "Molly, Molly, Molly" and reaches for her dresses (Molly is Lily's babysitters daughter- also a very girly girl).

Had I known this was going to last all week I would have taken pictures each day, but I didn't :(

Lily has also been carrying around her Dora backpack and calling it her purse, and playing with her Laugh and Learn purse constantly. She wears her little plastic bracelet all the time, and she puts on her pretend lipstick. I find this hilarious, especially because I don't wear a lot of jewellery and don't really wear much lipstick. This is an adorable stage and I really hope she stays my girly little girl :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some funny videos...

Lately Lily has been saying SOO many new words and phrases... some of them I have no idea where she gets them.

Also... a lot of Lily's words don't sounds like what she is trying to say- it's kind of funny- but I am sure people think we are teaching her lots of bad words- we aren't, I swear, haha... we are working hard on correcting how she says these words.

The main problem words are:Big Truck, Frog, Soccer, and Flamingo - they all sound like one certain F word.

We thoughts it would be funny to record them to share with her some day. While we were recording she surprised us by yelling out "ohhhh god'- which we found hillarious, mainly because we have no idea where she picked it up!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Lily met Dora on Saturday at Best Buy... she was super excited in line and again when we were walking away from her... but when we were actually getting her picture taken she got a little scared... so Mommy had to go in the picture too (not the most flattering).

Random Pics


Lily is learning to speak in Portuguese as well as English... every week my mother in law teaches her a new word and she seems to remember them all and uses them regularly! I find it so amazing that she generally uses the Portuguese word around Nelson's parents and the English word around my family!

Here are some of the words she knows in Portuguese:

Lights - luz
Mom - mai
Dad- pai
Grandma - Vovó / Avó
Grandpa - Vovô /Avô
Aunt - Tia
Baby - bebe
Milk - Leite
Water - água
Sit here - sentar-se aqui
Lay down -deitar
Nose - nariz
Underwear - quackish

ABC's and 123's

Lily has now learned all of her letters and can identify them on her flash cards and her leapfrog fridge magnets!! She loves asking us to write letters on paper for her and has even tried tracing them and scribbling them. Last week she was drawing on her paper and all the sudden she started yelling out "A, A, A".... and she showed us her paper (see pic below)!! We think it was just a coincidence because she hasn't done it again- but she was really proud!! (as were we!)

Lily is also getting the hang of counting... her favourite number is 2, but she knows 1, 2, 3, 4.
She is learning so much so fast!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bye Bye Crib... Hello Big Girl Bed!!

Last night we said bye bye to Lily's crib and Daddy took it down! Lily watched as we took it down and didn't really seem to care!
We put her new mattress in her room with her Dora pillow and new bed sheets- she curled right into bed and asked for her beaka (soother).
She fell fast asleep with no issue at all!
I checked on her in the middle of the night and found her asleep in the middle of her room on the floor... so I put a body pillow beside her on the bed and found her like this in the morning:
She slept in until 8:45... amazing!!

Papa came over this afternoon and assembled Lily's big girl bed- he made it for me (mommy) when I was a little girl, and he refinished it white for Lily!
Lily just woke up from her first nap in her big girl bed- she did great!! Went down without a problem and curled up and went right to sleep! Mylo joined her a few minutes later and they took almost a 2hr nap together!!We want to thank Papa so so much for giving Lily this bed and re-finishing it for her! It is perfect!
I will post pictures of her entire room once all the furniture is refinished and set up!

The Zoo!!

On Canada Day we thought it would be fun to take Lily to the little zoo near our house! It is the perfect size for her age, and the perfect size for me to walk around without getting too worn out!

She had a great time (so did we), petting animals, watching them, and even feeding some!

Lily getting excited waiting for the animal show to start!!
She got to pet a bunch of animals:
a baby alligator ("a dator")

"a nake"

a fox (which she called a dog)

She wasnt too sure about the camel licking her!

The Reindeer were cute!

"Tigers.... ROAR"

She was hesistant to touch the deer

"monkeys in der Mommy"

"Bears... GRRRR"

On our way out we bought a little bag of food and fed the pygmy goats... she did surprisingly well until one bumped her.
We had a great Canada Day and really enjoyed our trip to the zoo... we will be back there many times this summer- we purchased a seasons pass!