Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day! A great dinner at home and a few small presents all around! Another bonus for us what that Lily stayed dry ALL day- no accidents!!

Lily started her day off at PreSchool with a little Valentine's Day party and some valentine's cards. The headband was also made at school!

I think Lily liked the Toy Story card from us more than her dancing dog and Dora book!
Charlie seemed to like his new clothes, lol
Dinner was tasty!
Lily made the Love Bug below for Daddy (with Kellie's help)
and made some fudge for him with Mommy's help:
and Finally... here are my attempts at some Valentine's photos... Lily decided to model, lol:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cereal Time!!

Charlie started rice cereal today... he loved it!! He ate it all, hardly spit any out and kept grabbing my hand to shove more in!. Cereal = Success!!!

Waiting for his food...

Not too sure with the first spoonful.
Mmmmm.... more please!
Hurry Mom!
Holding the spoon in there!

Snow, Snow, and more snow!!

We had a ton of snow here over the last few weeks... it meant a ton of shovelling, but also some outdoor fun... here are a few pics!

Pierced Ears!

Just over a month ago Lily started wearing clip on and press on earrings, she loved them, admired them in the mirror, and never touched them. She also started noticing earrings on other people and wanted some of her own! We had promised Lily's Ava that she could bring Lily to get them done, so we waited for her to return from vacation in Cuba and then we headed out to get them done!

Lily was nervous once we got her in the chair, but after some convincing (and some holding her down) she got them done! She chose small CZ flower earrings.

She loves her earring... she reminds us all the time to clean them, and she loves to show off her "Diamond Earrings".