Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Learning so much, so fast!!

Lily is learning so many things everyday that I can't possibly remember them all to put on here!

Here are a few:
New words: duck, mooo, pa pa pa (grandpa), Juuu (julie), jep (jeff), cell (michele), ia (tia erica, tia elsa), zee zee (lindsay)

When we ask what a monkey says she dances like a monkey and says "eee eee".

She tries to open and shut doors, and loves it!

She dances to "sweet caroline" and says bop bop bop- she absolutely loves this song and stops and claps and dances as soon as she hears it.

There are so many things I missed!! I am going to try to get some on video and put them up soon!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Santa Pics!

Lily sat on Santa's knee on Saturday... she was in awe of him and didn't want off, she was all smiles and loved feeling his beard.

Brushing teeth!!

Now that Lily is getting more teeth we decided its time to stop using just the finger brush and to start using a real tooth brush... Lily thinks it is great!!

I let her brush her teeth while I brush mine, and then we brush hers again.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Learning so much!

Over the last week it seems like Lily has learned so much!

- She mooo's when we ask what a cow says, but she also points to her rocking horse and mooo's, it is soo cute.
- she said "Duck" and she said "Quack"- she is also LOVING her rubber ducks!
- she said "Lindsay", but now she says "Zee" and sticks her finger in her mouth- we are assuming this is because Lindsay was trying to show her how to make a popping sound with her finger/cheek.
- she loves to dance and giggle- we were playing the Glee soundtrack tonight and Sweet Caroline comes on and she says "Bap Bap Bap" and gets soo excited!
- she said Grandpa
- she is soooo close to walking on her own. When she pushes around her mail cart she runs all over the room, literally runs! and when she gets into a corner she moves it back and forth until she can run again!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Little Leafs Fan

Lily and Ainslie

Lily and I went to visit our new little cousin Ainslie today... Lily is in awe of her, she just stares at her... She gave her a little kiss too, it is so sweet.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11 months... This and That

Lily is now 11 months... I can't believe she is going to be 1 in just a month!! She is soo busy and growing so fast!
  • She weighs 18.5lbs (only half a pound more, lol)
  • She walks everywhere scaling the furniture
  • She lets go and stands on her own for awhile
  • She crawls all over
  • She can climb over things
  • She climbs the stairs
  • She eats everything we do
  • She loves Tootsie Pops (I know she is too young, but a lick or 2 is just fine)
  • She loves finger foods
  • She loves to eat pieces of fruit on her own
  • Her favourite toys are her mail cart (she pushes it around), her learning table and fridge farm.
  • She LOVES shoes, hers, ours and everyone's!
  • She loves to play Peak-a-boo
  • She claps and cheers for herself all the time!
  • She still loves to chase Mylo all over the house and pet him
  • She dances to ANY kind of music, whether it be me singing, her toys, commercials, the radio... anything!
  • She says a few new words- This and That, she points at things and says "This?" and waits for us to tell her what it is, then she says "that"... it is sooo cute!!

This month Lily also celebrated her first Thanksgiving, her first Halloween, and went to her Godfather Johnny's wedding. We had a lot of playdates and went on a road trip to Ohio to visit the Duguays! It was a very exciting month!

This month I plan to do as much as I can with Lily before I have to go back to work! We will also start preparing for Lily's Birthday party and for Christmas!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

On Halloween we brought Lily trick or treating to a bunch of family and friends houses... She has a great time, but was EXHAUSTED at the end of the day.

Halloween Playdate

On the 30th we hosted a fun Halloween Playdate... i think all of the kids had fun, as did all us Mom's!

Lily's First Halloween!!

Lily helped Daddy scoop out our pumpkins... she loved it, wasn't bothered at all by the gunk inside!
Picking which pumpkin to carve:
The finished products carved by Mommy
Helping Daddy :