Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunting!!

Over the Easter weekend Lily was a very lucky girl who participated in 5 different Egg hunts... she got more and more excited at each hunt... here are some pictures from some of them:

At the Burford Egg Hunt with our friends Kellie and Taliyah!
 Charlie loved the Easter Bunny... Lily wasn't so sure

 Face Painting!

 Egg Hunt at home 
 Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpas
 at the Duguay Easter Dinner
 We had a great time at all the hunts, and now Lily keeps hiding things and then finding them!

Next up... Easter pics!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mr. Go Go Go

Charlie is Mr. Go Go GO... he is everywhere, rolling and pulling himself around!  He gets up on all fours and rocks, moves forward, and flops!  Any day now he will just start moving and I am sure he will never stop!  He wants to explore and check everything out!

Last week Charlie learned something new... he said "DA DA DA" and he hasn't stopped!  He alternates between Mama and Dada- and we both LOVE it!

The poor little man has also been teething forever but still has no teeth- I think he is close, but still nothing- I feel so bad for him!

Charlie also had another new experience last week- his first ER trip :(  We sat in the ER for 6hrs and when we finally saw the doctor and Charlie was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis... I felt so bad for him!!  He is doing much better now- but still not over it completely!

Here are some pictures of my handsome little man:



FINALLY!!!  It felt like this day would never come- but it finally has!   Something finally just clicked with her last week and she stopped having accidents, and she started peeing on the potty all the time- she is also asking us to go pee- it is awesome!!  I am so so so proud of her!

Here are some pictures of Lily and all her cuteness!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Charlie is 7 months and a few other updates

Charlie is 7 months and such an active little guy! He rolls EVERYWHERE and has even started getting up on all 4's ready to crawl... he has started moving forward a little bit, one crawl forward and a flop! Lily encourages him all the time- it is adorable! I am going to weigh Charlie in the morning and I will update this with his weight! His 7 month picture will be taken mid-April as I am going to get the kids Easter pics taken then! When we were at his 6 month pictures he was super happy- the photographer asked if she could take some extra pictures of him for their Easter Ad! A picture of the ad is below!

Charlie has decided he is not a fan of jarred baby foods... he will eat the jarred fruits no issue.. but gags on the veggies and the meats. So today while Lily was at school I set to work and made a bunch of baby food... Spinach, Peas and Sweet potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Apple and Chicken, Mangoes, and Mangoes and Strawberries. For supper I gave him the Sweet Potato, Apples and Chicken- he ate almost the whole little container!! Success! I guess I will have to keep this up!

In other news around here:

Nelson was laid off from his job out of nowhere last Wednesday- we were shocked to say the least! It actually turned out to be a very good thing- he strongly disliked where he was working and they were pretty slow! They say everything happens for a reason, and in this case it is true!! Nelson got a new job on Saturday... even better than before!! He loves the new place and it is a very busy shop!

Lily is *almost* potty trained... only 1 accident all day today! She knows exactly what she should be doing- but doesn't want to stop playing long enough to use the toilet! We have tried so many reward/food/sticker systems... but in the end- when she is ready, she will be 100% trained!

I have been busy at work trying to keep up my lent goals- no candy, chocolates, or fast food- and working out everyday- sometimes I do the Ab Circle and other days walks with the kids! I have kept up with everything so far- aside from a few missed workouts! This has helped me get to my pre-Charlie weight... just need to get to my pre- Lily and pre-fertility drugs weights!

Last week Nelson and I had a small party to celebrate our 30th birthdays- it was really nice to spend the evening with our closest friends! We played a few games, had some drinks, and some laughs! There is a picture of the great cake below!

We have a few trips coming up- Ohio at the end of the month for my little cousins First Communion (Nelson can't make it to this trip). And then we are going to Myrtle Beach with the kids in May- our first plane ride with the kids- any advice is much appreciated!

Swimming lessons!

We started swimming lessons a few weeks ago and Charlie loves them!!  He is such a little water baby!  Our good friends Kellie and Travis are in our same class.

This week we practiced front floats, back floats and dunking!  Charlie was a champ at dunking... below are a few pictures from our lesson: