Friday, March 26, 2010


Aunt Michele wants to see Lily be a little gymnast- so she showed her how to do a somersault... now Lily wants to do them all the time- its so cute!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Updates and Pics!

The last few weeks have been so busy with Wedding Showers and Birthday celebrations... Lily was so well behaved at everything, we are so proud of her!

We had a little family day yesterday- went to Ikea to get Lily a shelf to organize her toys, and we went to Chapters! I think Chapters is Lily's new favourite place!! She could have spent all day in there... "Book Book Book Book"! We looked through some books, read some, and then bought her a few of her favourites! She read them all afternoon once we got home!

Here are a few pictures of Lily over the last few weeks:
Lily playing tea while Daddy set up the new shelf
Lily reading one of her new books!
Lily with her new toy shelf
We went out to East Sides with our neighbors- Desmond, Morgan and Lily Colouring
Lily does not want her kleenex, haha
After a full day Lily fell asleep at supper!
Lily and Daddy
Lily in her pretty outfit... looks so grown up!
Lily giving us smiles with her Balloons!
Lindsay with Aly & Lily
Pregnancy Update: We are now in the 2nd Trimester, YAY!! Things are going well... Blood pressure is low again, but everything else looks great! The baby's heart rate is strong and high- looking great! Next appointment is in 4 weeks! We will have another ultrasound in late April or early May- hopefully find out the gender then!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby F update

My ultrasound was changed to this afternoon!! Our little peanut looked great!

I will get the official results from my OB next week!

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All Better!

Thank Goodness!! We are finally all feeling better!!

Lily has a small cough still, but its almost gone, and we only notice it at night.

Last weekend was very busy for us, as are the next two weekends, but I am sure they will be filled with lots of fun, family and friends!!

This weekend we are celebrating March Birthdays with my moms family- our family from Ohio is coming up- and I know Lily will be very excited to see the kids- we were sick the last time they were here so we all missed out!!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

Pregnancy Update: Things are going well, the morning sickness pills work most of the time- but the past few days they haven't been working as well. I am going for our IPS ultrasound tomorrow morning and am anxious to see our little peanut! I will update after my appointment!