Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charlie Rolled Over!!!

Charlie's Baptism!

We celebrated Charlie's baptism on January 9th... it was a wonderful day full of family and friends!

We want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate with us! A special thanks to Charlie's Godparents Richard and Robin!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our little man is 4 MONTHS!

Charlie is 4 months today- I already can't remember what life was like without him! He is amazing! He is a pretty serious little guy- but still gives us tons of smiles and giggles!

He loves his big sister Lily and smiles instantly for her!

He now grabs at toys, his toes, my hair, and anything else he can get ahold of! He loves to suck on his fist, and lately has started sucking on his lips- he makes the cutest face when he does that!

According to our scale at home he is just under 15lbs- but we will see what the doctors scale says next week when we go!

Here are some pictures of our little man!

My 2 year old, going on 10 years old!

Lily is such a funny little girl- doing so many new things everyday! She is a very girly girl- always has been!

She got a nail file for Christmas and loves to file her nails! She is also really into playing dress up... she loves her princess dresses, necklaces, rings, and especially bracelets!! She likes to wear them all at once!

A few days ago I caught her with the camera... I let her keep playing with it, she took over 100 pictures of herself!

Lily has also fallen in love with Justin Beiber... its hillarious! She was dancing with my little cousin to Justin Beiber the other day- now she asks for it all the time! When I said I didn't have any Justin Beiber she threw a crying fit- one of the funniest things I have ever seen! We downloaded a few songs for her and loaded them on to her kid tough music player- that is all she listens to! She is even learning the words and loves to dance around to it!

Here are some pics of our princess:

"Princess Doctor Moyo" (her pediatricians name is Dr. Moyo)

Lily with just a few of her bracelets... normally she also has atleast 10 Silly Bandz on!

Here are the pics she took:

Christmas- Part 5

Boxing Day we headed out to my Dad's parents house, "the farm" and had a wonderful dinner and opened presents! Lily had a great time playing with her cousins!!

Christmas - Part 4

Christmas afternoon was spent with my Mom's family- we are all very close and had a great time!! The tree has a crazy amount of presents under it... but there was a crazy number of people there too!

Christmas - Part 3

After Christmas morning at our own house we headed to my parents house and celebrated Christmas there! We had some yummy food and were spoiled!

Christmas Morning!

Christmas Morning was so much fun at our house! Lily was SO excited that Santa came- she loved opening her stocking and presents! Charlie even seemed to get excited about some of his gifts!

Here are some pics from Christmas morning: