Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The last few weeks have been some fun firsts for our Charlie!

Today was my personal favourite of his firsts... his first word!!!  This afternoon Charlie said "MAMAMA"... Lily and I both heard him say it, and he repeated it dozens of times... I got it on video, voice note, and people heard him on the phone!  I was beyond excited that I was his first word!!  He is growing so fast!

Last week was Charlie's first time in a pool, and his first swimming lesson!  He enjoyed it, but had a much better time this week, seemed a bit more relaxed!  He splashes a ton :)
This isn't too too recent... but he sits ALL by himself now- he can sit for a long time before he topples to grab something! 
 Charlie had his first cookie, a Farley's biscuit on the weekend... it was messy, but he loved it!

He has eaten pretty much all of the beginner fruits and veggies now... we will add the mixed meats soon!  Here is a pic of him with prunes all over his face!
Lastly, he has been rolling for awhile... but now he rolls with a purpose!  He will spot something across the room, and roll right to it!  He is officially on the go and into everything!

30th Birthday

 It was my 30th birthday on Sunday- I had a great time with my family and extended family!  The kids were amazing and behaved SO well... I was beyond impressed!

We are having a small 30th birthday party with our families this Friday and with our friends this Saturday, for both Nelson and I (his 30th is April 8th)... I am sure we will post more pictures after the celebrations!
Charlie in his pink shirt!
My little baby bunny boy:
 Charlie & Papa!
 Blowing out our birthday candles (with all the other March birthdays)
 Miss Lily with cake... and holding uncle Brads beer  (no she did not drink any)
 Chocolate mess!
 Sweet Peyton kissing Mr.Charlie
 My perfect family!
 Charlie holding aunt Julie's beer (he also did not drink any)
 It was a perfect 30th birthday... I couldn't ask for a better family- small and big... I am truly blessed!

Snow Day in March!!

 We got a really big snowstorm last week... in March :(   Lily had a great time playing outside and being off school. 

 We also made some crafts to try to pretend it is spring inside!

Nelson and Charlie had some fun playing a computer game: 

All in all the snow sucks... but we had a great family day!!  Now the snow can go away... for real!

St.Patrick's Day

We had a great St.Patrick's Day!  Lily thought it was so much fun to wear green, make green food, and bake special cupcakes!  Charlie seemed pretty happy in his green outfit as well!   As you will see- Lily chose her own green outfit... she is pretty good at making sure things coordinate, lol.

For breakfast Lily had green yogurt and green applesauce.
Then we baked some chocolate cupcakes filled with mint buttercream and topped with green vanilla buttercream, and green vanilla cupcakes filled with mint chocolate ganache and topped with milk chocolate buttercream- SO yummy!  We sent them to my sister and cousins in London with my Mom and aunt!  Lily was a great help... especially at cleaning the utencils.

After baking, Lily coloured for a little while
Then we had a yummy lunch of Green Eggs and Ham, well... Lily did... green food doesn't appeal to me.
In the afternoon Kimmy, Becky and Grandma came by... Aunt Kimmy made Lily the really cute hair clips you can see.  We also sent them with all the cupcakes we made!
Charlie also ate green... peas and carrots!
For supper we all had conja... but Lily wanted hers green!

 And here are some pics of my Charlie man in his green outfit!

Catch up!

It has only been a week since I last posted- but I have a lot to write... so it will be in a few different posts!

Things around here have been busy- I turned 30, Charlie started swimming, the kids have been playing SO well together, and Charlie said his first word, ate his first cookie, and so much more!

Here are some pictures and watch for more posts tonight!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate!!

Yesterday Lily and I went to Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate. It was a great show and she LOVED it! We were supposed to go with our friends Kellie and Taliyah... but poor Taliyah has pneumonia and RSV, so the poor thing is in the hospital :( Luckily our cousins Sherri and Emma were able to come last minute! A great time was had by all.

Lily loved it when Belle came on and went nuts when the Toy Story characters came on!

I really can't believe how much they charge for things there... $20 for a program and ears, $12 for a snow cone and mug and they wanted $10 for cotton candy!! I don't think it is right that they charge SO much for things and throw it all in the kids faces... I feel so lucky that Lily doesn't freak out and want things- she is very grateful for the things I did get her! She is still walking around with her program talking about the show!

The cutest thing happened tonight while we were all lounging around... her and Charlie were playing on the ground and she ran over to Charlie and put her arm around him... she started saying "you stayed home with Daddy and I got to go to Disney (she says Disaneey) with Mommy and Sherri and Emma... Taliyah was sick at the 'hopistal" and not come... I give her ears". It was adorable!!

Here are a few pics from the show:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

6 month pictures and stats

Here are Charlie's stats from his 6 month doctors appointment:

Weight -17.5lbs

Head- 17.3inches

Leng- 26.5inches

He is in about the 35-40th percentile... just a bit on the small side :) He did amazing with his shots, cried for a few seconds and then smiled!

We also went for his 6 month pictures! He was so happy and full of smiles that the manager asked if she could take some sample Easter pictures for the in-store flyer... So we got a free sheet of those as well :)