Sunday, April 26, 2009

Curly Hair

Lily has the cutest curliest hair when it's wet and it never stays when it dries... until today!! Normally her hair is all over the place and I have to dry it with the hair dryer or it goes everywhere- then as soon as she sweats a bit pieces go curly and looks really funny. I asked a few people what to do and they suggested putting some product in it. I really wasn't sure I should, but I tried today and it worked so well and her hair looked so cute. My sister is getting me some mouse that is ok for kids hair- it has no alcohol in it and is organic and hypo-allergenic (she works for laCoupe).

Rice Cereal = Success!!

Lily did so well with her rice cereal! She loves to eat and isn't satisfied with just 1tbsp- she always wants more, its so cute! By day 2 she was already swallowing it quite well and its not horribly messy! However, the first few days were a little messy, she wasn't too sure about the taste and texture, her faces were pretty funny!

Here are a few pics to enjoy:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Starting Food

I think we are going to start Lily on some rice cereal this week!! She has met all the signs and is still waking up a night. Dr. M said we could start... so I think we might!

We have to go get some tiny bowls, spoons, etc for her- and some bibs that catch the food and a nice mat for the floor!

Any advice for starting food would be great!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bye Bye Hair

My poor little Lily Bug is loosing her hair :( she has a few little bald patches were her head rubs against the bed and seats. I am a little surprised she is loosing it now because she holds her head up way more now than she used to, so its not rubbing near as much. A good thing is since she has so much hair and its a decent length it covers the spots a bit for now.

How much do they usually loose?
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Friday, April 17, 2009

5hrs last night!

Last night Lily slept from 11:30 until 4:30, well, almost. She woke up once but I just gave her the beaka and she went back to sleep until 4:30. She woke up at 7:30 because she heard Daddy, but I brought her into my room and she slept until 9. The sleep was much needed for all of us!

On another note, Lily has been trying hard lately to put her beaka (pacifier) in her mouth on her own- today she was playing with 2 and somehow managed to shove them both in! She thought this was pretty neat and sucked on them both long enough for me to snap a couple pics on my Blackberry. Since then she keeps taking her beaka out and putting it back in- she gets a very satisfied look on her face when she does it- I can see the smile from behind the beaka! Its too cute!

I am uploading this from my Blackberry so I hope the pic works!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Lily is growing so fast and learning new things every day!

I think she is going to start sitting on her own soon, she loves to sit up and lean against things... if she is leaning on the nursing pillow she always tries to throw herself forward into a sitting position but ends up with her head by her feet- its too cute!

She has started giggling more than just making a loud excited squeal- it is adorable!!

I am sitting her watching her sleep in her swing and I am holding myself back from scooping her up and cuddling her while she sleeps!

She is still waking up 2-3 times each night- it is making for one very tired Mommy!! If she doesn't start sleeping more in 2 weeks time we are going to start her on rice cereal. That will be very interesting as thing child gags every time she puts something other than her beaka or bottle in her mouth!

Nelson and I have decided to hold off on our trip to Mexico- we are going to do some things around the house- a fence, a kitchen back splash, etc... but we still want to go away for a few nights just the 3 of us... if anyone has any suggestions for a 2-3 day trip within 6hrs of Cambridge, ON that would be great!! We are going to get our beach vacation this summer when we rent a cottage with my parents and sister!

I am going to take a little nap with Lily before we go for a nice walk, I am loving this weather!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lily goes Splish Splash

Lily in the tub

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4 month appointment

This morning Lily had her 4 month appointment. She weighed in at 13lbs12oz and measured 23inches long. She is in the 50th percentile for weight, and 25th for length.

She got her 4 month shots as well... she didn't cry after the first one, but cried for a minute after the second. I gave her some baby advil when we got home and she seems ok this afternoon- a little extra sleepy and cuddly.

I asked the doctor about Lily's new sleep schedule, which is up every 2.5-3hrs ALL night long... she said it can happen, especially with breastfed babies- they can change every week! just lovely, lol. She did say if she keeps this up we could start her on rice cereal at 5 months so we could all get more sleep!

I am going to get back to cuddling with Lily until she sleeps and then I will clean up! Its Nelson's birthday tonight and we are going to have a nice dinner at home just the 3 of us!

More Easter Pics

Here are a few more Easter pics:
(I can't get the pic to go the right way)

Monday, April 6, 2009

4 months old

Lily is now 4 months old... time is flying!!

She is getting better every week and just has a cough now, and she only has coughing fits once or twice a day!! She is so much happier and growing like a weed! She is most definitely in the midst of a growth spurt- she is getting up every 2.5-3hrs to eat again!!

Lily now grabs at toys, holds them, puts them in her mouth. She loves her Jumperoo and she plays with all its attachments. Her favourite toy is still her Sophie the Giraffe.

Lily is trying hard to sit up, if I have her propped up on the nursing pillow she can get herself all the way up, but continues forward... its too cute!

She is very chatty, gurgling and babbling away- it is adorable!! If we talk back to her she laughs- its too cute!

Here are some cute Easter Pics of Lily for this coming weekend: