Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6 Months Today!!

I know I say it every month- but time is really flying and I can't believe Lily is 6 months old!!

She is more than we could ever ask for!! She is a perfect baby! So happy and always full of smiles. She loves laughing and playing with us!

Lily has really been enjoying eating- her favourites seem to be carrots and sweet potatoes, and for fruit Bananas are still her favourite! We introduced her to baby juice, she had some banana/apple juice in a nuby bottle with handles- she loved holding it herself! She has also had a few Farleys biscuits- she loves these!!

She still doesn't roll over much, but she can! She can also semi-sit- she stays up for a bit and then ends up leaned forward or toppled over. As for her teething- her teeth haven't broken through yet!

Lily is starting to play strange a bit- she really notices when Nelson and I aren't around and she doesn't like it! She doesn't even like it if we are in the kitchen and she is in the living room on her mat! Her cries turn to big smiles as soon as we go over to her!

She is starting to have favourite toys- she loves her taggies balls, her sophie, and her jumperoo. She also looves to chew on her bink link. At bedtime she likes to cuddle with a little teething doll she has.

I am looking forward to getting her 6month pics taken later this week- we are going to use her new giant flower in her hair!

I am sure I have forgot a few things- but she is on my lap hitting the keyboard- so I am going to finish up this post and I will add more later if I think of more!!

Happy 6 month birthday Lily!! We love you!

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