Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from the beach!

We got home from the beach on Saturday... it was a very nice trip! Lily absolutely loved the water and really enjoyed splashing around and swimming in the water!! She wasn't crazy about waves splashing her, but didn't mind when it was cooler! She truly is a water baby!

We tried to relax a bit more on the trip, let her have a little ice cream, get a little dirtier in the sand, and she even started eating puffs and dry toast!

On another note, Lily has tooth #2, it has broken through her gums and is growing fast! She also wants to walk ALL the time holding on to our hands, and she crawls (backwards) and slides around on her belly!!

For more pics check out my facebook Summer album. I will also be adding more pictures once I get my Dad's memory card, we took a bunch of pics on his camera as well!

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