Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy Weekend!!

We had a very busy Labour Day weekend!

On Saturday we cleaned up around the house, ran errands and went to Avo & Ava's for a BBQ. We all brought Lily to the park and she had a great time!! Lily loves to play with Tia's Elsa and Erica... and she can't get enough attention from her Avo and Ava. She gets spoiled by everyone!

Sunday morning we went to Emma's 2nd Birthday Party where Lily had a great time watching all the kids play, and she joined right in! She really seems to observe what the other kids do and then attempt it herself, she gets really frustrated if she can't. She especially loved riding in the Little Tykes car and having the 2 year olds push her around in it.

When we got home Lily took a super long, much needed nap! When she woke up we brought her to a park here in town and she was loving it!!

Lily has started to enjoy the park even more than she used to. She giggles like crazy on the swings, she loves the slide, and each new piece of equipment we put her on she finds more facinating then the last! She is too cute for words at the park!

Monday morning we headed out to the Paris Fair where Lily was in the Baby Contest! We were expecting just over a dozen babies or so... well we got quite the shock when there were well over 150 babies, all between 3-10months! It was crazy!

Lily was in 2 categories, "Dressed in your Sunday Best" and "9-10 months". The first had so many babies they narrowed it down to top 6, which Lily was in, but she didn't win. Lily did have quite the cheering squad- she is a very lucky girl! We want to thank everyone who came out to cheer her on! Lily did leave the Baby Show with a draw prize, an adorable Lamb.

After the baby show we decided to stick around the fair for a bit! Nelson brought her on the Mary-go-Round... she thought it was pretty neat and liked seeing all of us when it came around.

She also went on a Pony ride, she really enjoyed that!! She kept trying to reach past the saddle to touch the pony... its was too cute! After that we put her in her stroller and she was sound asleep within 30 seconds!!

We finished off the long weekend with a BBQ at Aunt Shelly and Uncle Karls- Lily as always had a great time there- she loves all her cousins and always loves to play with cousin Logan!

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Stephanie said...

Obviously those judges didn't know what they were doing ;)