Monday, October 5, 2009

Lily is 10 Months!!!

I am a few days late, but things have been busy!!

Lily was 10 months on October 2nd, she is growing so fast and getting into everything!!!

  • She weighs 18lbs
  • She walks everywhere she can scaling the furniture
  • She stands on her own sometimes, for 10 seconds or less
  • She crawls all over the house, FAST and non stop
  • She can get up 2 stairs, although we discourage this with MANY baby gates
  • She eats pretty much everything we do, aside from sweets, we just slap chop everything to make it smaller for her
  • She loves to eat pieces of fruit on her own
  • Her favourite toys are her learning table, leapfrog fridge farm, stuffed animals, and dolls
  • She loves to play with phones, remote controls and BlackBerry's
  • Her favourite show is "4 Square" but she also is captivated by Franklin
  • She chases poor Mylo all over the house- no matter where he goes she follows. Her favourite game to play is going for his food, which he lays in front of to protect it.
  • She loves music, she dancing and "sings" along
  • She has 2 teeth!
  • She holds her arms out for people and items- reaches for them.

This month Lily also:

  • Had her first swimming lesson session- 8 lessons in 4 weeks, she loved every one! She would cry when they were over and reach for the pool!
  • Went to her first 2 kids birthday parties where she actually interacted with the kids, Emma's and Taliyah's
  • Went apple picking for the first time

I will update if I can think of more things!!

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