Monday, December 7, 2009

Lily's Birthday Party!!

On Saturday we had Lily's big 1st Birthday party! It was a great success and I think Lily had a good time! She was such a good girl, no tears all day!! I thought she might get a little overwhelmed with all of the people, but she didn't at all!! She was thoroughly spoiled by everyone! We would like to send out a great big thanks to all!

Lily walking :) She is pretty quick!

Her ladybug cake from Divalicious cakes

She really focused on the black dots on the cake... unfortunately they stained her hands, lol.

Our little family :)
Lily and clara playing with the busy ball popper!!

Lily, Taliyah and Clara all playing with Lily's big dollhouse!
Lily sitting on her new princess potty!!
Thanks again to everyone!!

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