Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All Better!

Thank Goodness!! We are finally all feeling better!!

Lily has a small cough still, but its almost gone, and we only notice it at night.

Last weekend was very busy for us, as are the next two weekends, but I am sure they will be filled with lots of fun, family and friends!!

This weekend we are celebrating March Birthdays with my moms family- our family from Ohio is coming up- and I know Lily will be very excited to see the kids- we were sick the last time they were here so we all missed out!!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

Pregnancy Update: Things are going well, the morning sickness pills work most of the time- but the past few days they haven't been working as well. I am going for our IPS ultrasound tomorrow morning and am anxious to see our little peanut! I will update after my appointment!

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