Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lily is TWO!!!

My baby girl is now 2 years old... Not so much a baby anymore!!

Here are Lily's 2 year stats:
Weight: 25lbs
Height: 33inches

Lily is a beautiful little girl, on the inside and out. She is full of love and makes everyone smile. We still get constant comments about her head full of curls.

Lily had a great week of birthday celebrations... she is a very lucky girl!

Here are some pictures of her 'birthday week'

Thursday, her actual birthday, Nelson had off for an appointment, so we got to spend all day as a family! We hung out in the morning, opened presents and spent some time playing with them! She loved her singing 'woody' card!

She also loved her Woody doll, stickers, movies and Dora bracelet!

She told Charlie it was her birthday many times!!

In the afternoon we went to PlayFit with some friends!! We were happy that Taliyah, Travis, Alyssa and their mommies, Kellie and Robin could join us!!
After Playfit we went shopping, as per Lily's request... A few weeks ago she asked us for "monies" to buy a pink top for her birthday. We brought her to Old Navy, gave her some "monies" and let her select a top... It took her forever, but she finally decided on a pink top! It was adorable watching her try to decide!
After shopping we went out for dinner... Lily requested pizza! Below is a picture of her while she was saying "It's my birffday, I twoooo"
She was very happy when the waitress brought her a special dessert!
On Saturday, Party #1 day, Lily went for a manicure and hair appointment in the afternoon and her party started at 4. Lots of Lily's friends were able to join us for a Dora party. Lily had a great time and was spoiled silly!

Lily really enjoyed getting her nails done, she watched the lady and was very interested in everything! She didn't enjoy the haircut so much!
Here are the "backpack" treatbags from Lily's party:
Her cake and cupcakes:
and a few other random shots:
Sunday we attended Church in the morning, picked up our Christmas tree after, and got ready for her family party! At 4pm our families started to arrive- Lily had a wonderful party and was spoiled again!!

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Tiffany Lockette said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Lily!! Looks like she had a great Dora Birthday. Sorry I am behind!!