Saturday, June 11, 2011

9 Months!

Charlie is 9 months now!
 UPDATE: Charlie's 9 month stats- 19.5lbs, 27 inches- he is around the 25th percentile for both :)
He is growing so fast, doing so much, learning more and more by the hour! He still only has the 2 teeth, but he is chewing on everything- so I assume more are on the way!

He claps, waves, says a few words, crawls everywhere, walks along furniture and walls and gets into everything! He is much more of a curious baby than Lily ever was... it keeps us very busy!

He is starting to eat chunkier purees and finger foods- he loves puffs! He is also drinking more formula, starting to wean! He is a bit of a biter, and too distracted... so it is time for breastfeeding to come to an end... I am pretty sad about this :(  He still breastfeeds once a day- early in the morning, and as long as he doesn't start to bite then, I will keep that up as long as he wants and I can!

Charlie isn't much of a sleeper... or a very good one! He wakes very easily and he wakes up a lot... he also isn't easy to get to sleep- this makes for one very tired mama and dada.

Charlie loves to play with his toys... some of his favourites are Lily's dollhouse, his basketball net, his cars and anything else that is Lily's!

He loves to go for walks, play on the swings, and pretty much anything outside... he LOVES to be outdoors!

Here are some pics of my munchkin!

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