Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday was a big day for Firsts with Lily yesterday.

She laughed for the first time yesterday morning while Nelson and I were playing and talking to her. It was the best thing I have ever heard, absolutely adorable!!

Then last night I was laying down beside her and we were playing and she rolled on her side... the next thing I knew she flopped right over on to her belly!! I couldn't believe it! She is way too young for this to be happening- so I am assuming it was a fluke, but regardless- its a first and we were so excited!

I am going to try to capture both of these things on video and post them for everyone to see!!

I can't believe how fast our baby girl is growing up!!


Anonymous said...

OMG thats so exciting!!! I told you the first laugh is amazing, you want her to do it all the time!!! Cant wait to see her again :)

Stephanie said...

Aww that is awesome! The first laugh is such a wonderful sound, I hope you can videotape it.

Natasha said...

Awesome!!!!! such a cuty baby :))