Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Lily loves food, I think she is really enjoying trying all these different types!

So far she has tried cereal- rice, oat and whole grain organic rice, she definitely prefers regular rice cereal!

She has also tried Sweet Potatoes and Banana's- she seems to like them both! Tonight we are going to try beans or peas, we will see how that goes- they stink, lol.

Lily is not having as many "meals" a day as she used to, so I know the food is def filling her up. Here is how a typical day goes food wise for her:
Breakfast (8-9am)- Breast Milk, Rice cereal mixed with a fruit (Banana's for now)
Lunch (12-1ish)- Breast Milk, a fruit and a veggie
Snack (3ish) - Breast Milk (only if she doesn't sleep through it, she often does)
Supper (5-6ish) - Breast Milk, Rice Cereal, Veggie, Fruit (smaller amounts of each)
Bedtime (9ish) - Breast Milk/formula in a bottle

That is our regular day, somedays she won't want to have food at certain meals- she just spits it out or gags- I never force it, we just generally end up giving her the next meal sooner! Just like if she doesn't wake up to eat in the afternoon I give her dinner earlier :)

I am sure our schedule will change again, but that's how it is right now :)

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