Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers day was perfect!! I feel so blessed to have Lily in my life, she is amazing and wonderful and the best gift a mom could ever ask for! I must admit it was a little weird to celebrate Mothers Day... it is something I waited so long to do!

Nelson and Lily made my day perfect with a wonderful crepe breakfast and a wonderful surprise of beautiful diamond earring- I was spoiled!! They also gave me a wonderful card that made me cry! I was quite emotional and also cried when I received a few Mothers Day fwd's.

Also a note for all who are still trying to become a mom, either trying to get pregnant or trying to adopt! It will happen, never give up!! It was a long journey for Nelson and I to end up here, and it was hard! But I would do it a million times over to end up with my baby girl- it is worth it!!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of us all together yesterday, but I did get a few of just Lily... so here they are:
Brooklyn and Erin loving Lily... they can't get enough of her and they are soooo good with her!!

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