Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dora and Elmo!

For the last few months Lily has been obsessed with Elmo and Dora! She has an Elmo and a Dora doll that she brings everywhere with her- to bed, the babysitters, the car, no matter where... and if we forget them- she asks for them!

She goes nuts watching Dora or Elmo on TV, and sings along, plays along, and sometimes gets so excited she falls off her chair!!!

Yesterday I brought Lily to Chapters for a few minutes because we had some extra time- I really think this is her favourite place on earth... I wish I had a camera with me... but I didn't manage to get a sound clip of her getting exciting (I will try to upload). She got SOO excited when we walked in to chapters and kept saying "book book book BOOOOOOK", and it got even cuter when we got to the kids section... she kept saying "oooohhhh, oooooh, BOOOOOOK" and she was dancing really quick on her feet- and then she saw the Dora and Elmo books which were side by side in the 0-2 section- she went NUTS... she was so excited she didn't know what to do- she was dancing and yelling "ooooh- DORA, ooooooooh ELMO" and her little feet were moving so fast she fell over- it was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I really wish someone else would have been able to see this with me! I actually had a sales person come over laughing and say she had never seen a child so excited about books! We left the store with some Elmo and some Dora books- Lily's new favourites!Here is an audio clip of it.

Last week Lindsay showed Lily a video of her friend dressed as Elmo- Lily was excited, but slightly disturbed... see the video below for her reaction!!

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