Monday, May 17, 2010

My Big Girl...

Lily is getting to be such a big girl (although not physically!)... she is talking so much and understands so much- I love it!

Some of my favourite things she says are:
  • No Pease (when she doesn't want something)
  • Ovv you Mommy
  • up pease!
  • Daaadddy!
  • Mommy
  • Miiiiioooo (mylo)
  • paCO
  • Hoc KEY
  • Dowa (Dora)
  • Elmo (in a very high pitched voice)
  • no no no
  • Ugg (hug)

Her giggles are contagious, you just can't help but laugh with her and break into a giant smile! She makes everyone around her so happy! She loves to blow kisses and give hugs!

Lately she has started to mimic... especially at supper. If I take a bite of my meat, she does, if I drink milk, she does... its so cute!

I know I always say I love the stage she is in... but this is my favourite- she is my little sponge, soaking everything in and learning so much! She is so perfect!!

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