Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20 Months!

Lily turned 20 months on Monday!! Growing up so fast!

She is now 24lbs (still) and is 31 inches tall!

There isn't a word she doesn't say- she repeats everything we do! We have corrected all of the words she was saying wrong (that sounded like bad words).

She recognizes all 26 letter and knows every picture on the back of her alphabet flash cards! She can count to 3, sometimes 4... and she tries to recite the alphabet- normally just "a b c d".

Her favourite songs are:
- patty cake
- baby bumble bee
- herman the worm
- row row row your boat
- and the Dora theme song!

Her favourite things to watch on tv are:
- Dora the Explorer
- Elmo
- Diego
- Finding Nemo
- Care Bears

Her favourite activities are:
- reading her books
- colouring
- dancing
- singing songs

Lily has been very picky with what she wears still- she loves to be "pretty" and she calls certain outfits "cute"- and will only wear those ones! She also loves to wear pretties in her hair and on her wrists, etc.

I will post lots of pictures from the beach soon, and of Lily over the last few weeks! She has been such a ham lately- posing, smiling, making faces! I love it!

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