Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preparing for Baby!

I remember how tired I was when Lily came home, and how much we ordered in for the first few weeks... I really didn't want to eat like that again, especially with Lily. So I decided to make and freeze a bunch of meals for us to have once our little guy arrives!

In the last 3 days I have made (with help from Nelson) 22 dinners and 24 lunches!

Here is what we made:
  • 1 lasagna
  • 1 shepherds pie
  • 2 beef soups
  • 3 ground beef soups
  • 3 beef stews
  • 3 chicken soups
  • 2 containers shredded BBQ chicken
  • 1 tomato beef broth
  • 1 sweet and sour pork meal
  • 5 pasta sauces
  • 18 servings pre-cooked chicken strips
  • 3 lunch sized ground beef soups
  • 3 lunch sized beef stews

Plus each of the dinner servings should make enough for lunch the next day! Also we have had some people mention that they want to help us out with food- so that is also greatly appreciated!! I am so relieved that we will have some healthy meals to eat once the baby arrives!

If anyone would like any of the recipes for any of the above meals just leave a comment and I will reply to you!!

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