Tuesday, March 29, 2011

St.Patrick's Day

We had a great St.Patrick's Day!  Lily thought it was so much fun to wear green, make green food, and bake special cupcakes!  Charlie seemed pretty happy in his green outfit as well!   As you will see- Lily chose her own green outfit... she is pretty good at making sure things coordinate, lol.

For breakfast Lily had green yogurt and green applesauce.
Then we baked some chocolate cupcakes filled with mint buttercream and topped with green vanilla buttercream, and green vanilla cupcakes filled with mint chocolate ganache and topped with milk chocolate buttercream- SO yummy!  We sent them to my sister and cousins in London with my Mom and aunt!  Lily was a great help... especially at cleaning the utencils.

After baking, Lily coloured for a little while
Then we had a yummy lunch of Green Eggs and Ham, well... Lily did... green food doesn't appeal to me.
In the afternoon Kimmy, Becky and Grandma came by... Aunt Kimmy made Lily the really cute hair clips you can see.  We also sent them with all the cupcakes we made!
Charlie also ate green... peas and carrots!
For supper we all had conja... but Lily wanted hers green!

 And here are some pics of my Charlie man in his green outfit!

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