Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The last few weeks have been some fun firsts for our Charlie!

Today was my personal favourite of his firsts... his first word!!!  This afternoon Charlie said "MAMAMA"... Lily and I both heard him say it, and he repeated it dozens of times... I got it on video, voice note, and people heard him on the phone!  I was beyond excited that I was his first word!!  He is growing so fast!

Last week was Charlie's first time in a pool, and his first swimming lesson!  He enjoyed it, but had a much better time this week, seemed a bit more relaxed!  He splashes a ton :)
This isn't too too recent... but he sits ALL by himself now- he can sit for a long time before he topples to grab something! 
 Charlie had his first cookie, a Farley's biscuit on the weekend... it was messy, but he loved it!

He has eaten pretty much all of the beginner fruits and veggies now... we will add the mixed meats soon!  Here is a pic of him with prunes all over his face!
Lastly, he has been rolling for awhile... but now he rolls with a purpose!  He will spot something across the room, and roll right to it!  He is officially on the go and into everything!

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