Monday, April 6, 2009

4 months old

Lily is now 4 months old... time is flying!!

She is getting better every week and just has a cough now, and she only has coughing fits once or twice a day!! She is so much happier and growing like a weed! She is most definitely in the midst of a growth spurt- she is getting up every 2.5-3hrs to eat again!!

Lily now grabs at toys, holds them, puts them in her mouth. She loves her Jumperoo and she plays with all its attachments. Her favourite toy is still her Sophie the Giraffe.

Lily is trying hard to sit up, if I have her propped up on the nursing pillow she can get herself all the way up, but continues forward... its too cute!

She is very chatty, gurgling and babbling away- it is adorable!! If we talk back to her she laughs- its too cute!

Here are some cute Easter Pics of Lily for this coming weekend:

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Rachel said...

oh my gosh she is SO DANG cute!!! love that hair!