Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bad Mood Baby

Somedays I think Lily is a really good actress... she is cranky and whiney and pukey at home, and then as soon as we go out and see people she is happy and smiley! She has been in a brutal mood this week! She has a crying fit everynight for atleast an hour, and last night it lasted 4. She is only happy if we are walking around bouncing her. She was so upset yesterday morning and pulling her ear so much I called the doctor and brought her in to see if it was an ear ache... it wasn't- just teething. Poor baby! She is chewing on everything and pulling on her ears... I wish she felt better and wasn't in any pain. When she has really bad crying fits from her teeth I give her some tylenol and it seems to calm her down for a bit.

She has also been on sleeping strikes, not so much into napping- and she really fights going to sleep at night.

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