Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seven Months!!!

Lily is 7 months old today!!

She has changed so much in the past month!
- She sits up all by herself and rarely topples over!!
- She is giggling all the time at different things!
- She rolls over to get to her toys, us, and especially to get to Mylo.
- She moves around on her back by pushing off with her feet
- She started stage 2 baby foods, including meats!
- She likes to drink water from her sippy cups
- She loves her pool outside (her small Hippo pool and my aunts big pool)
- She grabs our faces and pulls us in for kisses
- She says Mama, Dada, and Hiiiiii (although we aren't sure she knows what Hi means)
- Her teeth look like they are close to coming in!
- She really has started to notice Mylo (our dog) and is constantly reaching for him, grabbing his fur, etc... luckily he loves her and tolerates everything she does to him.
- She goes nuts when Daddy comes home at night and freaks out if he doesn't come right to her!!

on a not so positive note,
- She pinches- and it hurts!!!

The baby contest is still on, so if you would like to vote just click on the link... you can vote once a day!

Here are some pics from Canada Day:

Have a great day!!!

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