Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Fun!

We have been keeping pretty busy the past few weeks, so I haven't updated much. Lily is so active now it doesn't leave me much time to blog! She wants to be entertained constantly, using my hands to hold on to and walk! She stands really well holding on to us and then takes steps! She also holds on to the couches, her crib and her new Leapfrog table!

Lily has also been a cranky little teether the last few weeks- but finally her tooth is breaking through- I am guessing we will be able to see it in the next few days!!

Here are some pics of Lily's recent play dates and her in the pool at my aunts:

Lily standing at her Leapfrog table

Taliyah, Clara & Lily

Lily in her floatySerafina & Lily

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