Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Turkey Weekend!!

I love this time of year- the colours, the weather, the fruits and veggies!! Lately our house always smells like either a warm apple crisp or a simmering squash soup- I love it! We have been trying to spend some extra time outside while we can still enjoy it! Today we are headed out to my Grandparents farm and lake to get some family pics taken by my little sister Michele- I am really looking forward to them and will be sure to post some soon!

We had a busy week this week- Charlie had his 1 month pictures taken (below) and his 1 month appointment! He now weighs 10.5lbs- my big boy! He is in about the 65th percentile... But that is huge to us since Lily has always been between the 10th and 20th percentile! Charlie has been eating almost every 2hrs which I am sure is what is making him such a big boy!

Lily had a pre-school interview this week and will be starting next week! She is going to start with just one morning a week and move to two in the new year! She is very excited to play with the kids there and paint in the art area! Lily also had her first trip to the library with Grandma and can't stop talking about it- she saw "boooooks, a dinasar, giaff and a moooonkey- eee, eee, ee- in da skyyy". Lily also was the lucky recipient of the flu shot while we were at Charlie's doctors appointment, but she did great!

Nelson and I have been busy keeping up with both kids and the house! We did manage to have a somewhat quiet dinner once Lily went to bed last night- we decided to have schnitzle to celebrate Oktoberfest- which we are missing for the 3rd year in a row! We will be back festing again this time next year for sure- I miss it :)

On a different note I wanted to mention a friend of ours blog- The Healthy Teacher. It has some great weight loss ideas- not for a quick fix really, but for a healthier lifestyle, etc... It is a really great blog, I hope you enjoy it! I will for sure be using some of his ideas to help me shed this baby weight!

Nelson and I are very thankful for our wonderful little family and all of our family and friends!! We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoys all the yummy food!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy:

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