Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's potty time!!

We have started potty boot camp at our house!! Lily has been ready for awhile, or so we think, so we decided to take some time and get rid of diapers! So whenever we are home we are doing real underwear or no underwear! She has done pretty good so far- about half the time she goes on the potty and the other half she has some accidents- but we are getting better at catching them!

We have recieved a lot of advice and tomorrow we are going to try a few new things- setting an alarm to go off every 15 minutes and putting her on the potty then as well as a few other things.

We brought Lily to WalMart yesterday and let her pick out some big girl underwear- it took her a LONG time to settle on some- but we ended up coming home with some Backyardigan underwear and some Princess underwear- she loves them!


Stephanie said...

Exciting!!! She looks so proud of her new underwear. My girls are potty-trained and I am loving it. Good luck!

Tiffany Lockette said...

We are right there with you on the potty training. I took "big girl panties" to daycare today for the first time. I pick Zoe up soon, we'll see how today went. I would love any suggestions that you could share with me!! Good luck to you guys. I hate not being able to be home with Zoe so I can really focus on potty training her but out of my control!!