Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bye bye Beaka

As Lily's 2nd birthday approaches we have been working on a few different things with her and have had many successes and a few things we are still working at!

The biggest success lately is that Lily no longer has her beaka (soother/pacifier). We started talking to Lily in the early fall about her giving Santa Claus her beaka, and eventually she decided that he would give it to babies who need beaka's. We would talk about this with Lily every night before bed!

Well, last Saturday was the big day! We headed to the mall to visit Santa! Lily and I wrote him a letter and sealed the beaka in a baggie. All the way to the mall we asked her what she was going to do, and she kept saying "give beaka to santa for babies". When we got to the mall she was very excited, she almost jumped out of the stroller when she saw the Santa. We got in line and she clutched her letter and beaka tight! We chatted with a few people in line, she told them what she was going to do, and they all hung around to watch. When it was her turn she walked right up to him and handed him the note and her beaka! Santa was very impressed, as were we, and all the people watching. She didn't want to sit on his lap, but said she would "anoder day". She was very happy when Santa gave her a candy cane and sticker book! When she got back to Nelson and I we told her how proud we were and we gave her a little present, a Buzz doll.

We were dreading bedtime that night, but she just asked a few times were it was, and looked under her covers for it- but then she said "nooo, Give it Santa!" And she layed down! Each night she reminds herself she gave it to Santa and doesn't seem to miss it!

We are so proud of her, she is growing up so fast!

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