Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank You Shutterfly!!

I have never blogged to endorse any other sites really- but today I will for Shutterfly!

Shutterfly has a promotion on right now for bloggers who do a post about them! Here is the link for any other bloggers who are interested: Shutterfly Blogger Promo

I love so many of their holiday cards this year- they have something that suits everyone- I love the ones that let you put in multiple pictures on the inside and the outside... this lets us show special things that have happened throughout the year! I also find that the selection different formats is great- flat, folded, etc... I personally perfer the folded cards because they leave more space for a personal note

Anyways... we use shutterfly all the time in this house, as do my sisters and other friends and relatives! We have captured Lilys first 18 months so far in Photobooks- 4 in total as of now! I love how professional they look, and how easy they are to make!

We have also ordered many Photo thank you cards and other items!!

I encourage everyone to check out the selection at Shutterfly... they have a great prices and great promotions all the time!!

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