Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sickness GO AWAY... Leave us be please!!

This has been a rough week!! We thought we were in the clear, and then Charlie got sick- vomiting, diarrhea, fever, whining, crying, etc- my poor baby!! He hasn't eaten any solids in 24hrs, but is still nursing regularly and drinking some pedialyte. His fever finally broke a few hours ago, but his diapers are still liquid :(

Nelson also isn't feeling great tonight- he went to bed very early.

Lily is super whiny, having nightmares, and having trouble falling asleep.

With all of these things together, our stress levels are through the roof! We have decided to postpone our trip :( We were supposed to be going to Myrtle Beach on Tuesday, but now we are going to go away with the kids somewhere fun for a few day and then do a big trip at some point before January 2012. We are sad, but we feel much better about this- and look forward to going away somewhere when everyone is healthier and happier!!

If anyone has any ideas on somewhere fun to go next week, localish, for a few days please let me know!!
Lily not feeling well:
Charlie stayed on this blanket for a long time, never tried to crawl off... so not my normal baby boy!
Lily feeling a bit better, smiles at lunch time (eating a lunchables... she often get these, but its a treat that is better than Easter candy after being sick)
Mr. Charlie with his pedialyte.

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