Monday, January 18, 2010

Lily has been so much fun lately... she is constantly making us laugh!

She loves to play with all of her new Christmas toys, especially her playhouse and tea set. She pours us "tea" and pretends to slurp and eat the food- it is adorable!

She loves to climb on her chairs and bounce (we discourage this, lol).

She is always talking and babbling and making us and herself laugh- most of the time we don't know what she is saying, but we carry on a conversation with her. She is learning new words every day- it is so much fun to hear he say new things!

Lily is now in Baby Painting on Saturday mornings- she isn't too sure about getting dirty, but she likes to see her colouring results.

She is also taking swimming lessons Monday nights with Daddy... She loves them!!

I will do a pictures post soon!!

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