Friday, January 1, 2010

Such a Big Girl

We had a very long day today and have been so off schedule through the holidays- Lily hasn't been peeing on the potty as much as she normally does- she sits on it, reads, swings her legs, etc... but doesn't always pee.

Well... tonight when we got home I was changing her diaper and she started pointing at the potty, so I put her on it. After a few minutes of reading her book she started to really grunt and turn red... Then she cried a bit and then got a HUGE smile on her face as she jumped off... she turned and pointed inside and said "I did", she was sooooo excited! She had the biggest poop ever, and on the potty!! Nelson and I are soo proud of her, but we couldn't possibly be as proud as she is- she has a HUGE grin on her face and gets soo excited and points to the potty!!

How nice would it be if she kept this up, lol.

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