Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Its Bronchiolitis :(

I knew Lily wasn't feeling great and wasn't improving too much- so I picked her up early from the sitters and brought her to her pediatrician. As soon as we got there we were sent right across the street to get an x-ray... it was horrible for both of us! Because I am pregnant I wasn't able to be in the room with my little girl. It took 2 ladies to hold her in position- and she was screaming the whole time- I could hear her and it was breaking my heart. I was so glad when it was over!!

Once we got back to her doctors office she looked at the xrays and said it was pretty bad Bronchiolitis... she has a lot of mucus in her lungs. She put her on 2 different puffers and some antibiotics. She is staying home from daycare tomorrow, but will be all good to go back Thursday hopefully!! She gave us some fast acting meds for her- so she wont be contagious after 24 hours on the meds- thank goodness!!

She is in pretty good spirits most of the time- but is pretty sucky and gets frustrated fast!!

I hope she starts to feel better soon- my poor little baby girl :(

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