Friday, February 26, 2010

Updates on us!

Sorry it has been awhile since our last update... things got rough here for a week or so! After Lily was diagnosed with the Bronchiolotis she seemed to start to feel better... but then she started throwing up everywhere last Wednesday night... turned out to be the Norwalk Virus, the babysitters kids had it too! Not only did Lily get sick- but she shared it with me, Nelson, and her uncle Jeff. It spread so fast it was brutal! Finally on Tuesday we all seemed to be back to ourselves!! It has been a long few weeks, but so glad everyone is feeling better.

The good thing about the last few weeks was lots of family time just the 3 of us- which is my favourite!

Lily has been so funny lately- she is really developing a funny little personality and loves to make us laugh!

Recently her favourite things have been Elmo, the letter A, Backpack (from Dora), and rubber ducks. She also thinks it is just hilarious to bite down on things and shake her head- she puts toys, books, towels in her mouth and just laughs!

I will do another post of some pics of our Lilybug lately!

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