Monday, February 15, 2010

Sick Baby :(

Poor Lily just seems to be going from one thing to another! Last week she had a fever off and on and was just not herself. I was off sick Tuesday and Wednesday with a fever and not feeling well either! Lily's babysitter and her two kids were sick, and so was Lily's friend Taliyah who also goes to the same sitter.

Well starting Thursday night Lily's fever started to creep higher- past 39... so first thing Friday we were off to the Paris urgent care (her doctor wasn't in, so we had to go there), we spent almost 4 hours in that place- surrounded by germs and dirtiness... ewww. Anyways, in the end they said it was just a virus- couldn't do anything but treat the fever... so we headed home.

We have spent the whole weekend with a sick, miserable, coughing, snotty little girl... she just doesn't know what to do with herself! I feel so bad for her! At least her fever broke on Saturday night and hasn't come back! She hasn't been sleeping through the night though- up every few hours crying :(

Tomorrow we all go back into our normal routines... me back to work, and Lily back to the sitters... that 5:30am wake up call is going to come waaaay too soon! I really hope Lily is feeling better and doesn't give the sitter too much of a hard time tomorrow! I feel so bad I have to drop her off there- but I haven't been in the office in over a week- just been working from the house.

Wish us luck- and pray Lily starts to feel better soon!!

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