Monday, July 11, 2011

Update and Father's Day!

I know I am a bit late... but better late then never! I am going to try really hard to post more often and more variety... I used to keep a cooking blog as well (you can find it here), but it was too much to do both blogs... so I think I will add any fun/tasty recipes to this blog now! Generally any recipes I post are quick/healthy kid friendly meals!

Father's day was great this year- we spent some time out at Beke Lake, on my Grandparents property, with my Dad's family! Good times we had by all... Lily loves the water, boats, and hanging out on the dock. In the evening my in-laws came over and we had a nice BBQ. Everyone had a great day and we had a blast hanging out with our families!

Here are some pics!
Charlie deep in thought

Lily and Aunt Michele
TWO Timbits!
 At least she shares them 
 Happy Father's Day Daddy!
 Lunch and a view!
 Lily and Papa splashing
 Charlie and papa
 On the party boat! She also enjoyed the speed boat!
 Daddy and Lily playing

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