Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Close call with an IV

Tonight has been a rough night so far. She hadn't really eaten much since 4pm, and then when she finally ate good at 11 she threw it all up- all over. I pumped and then fed her another 4oz. The nurse said if she doesn't keep it down the IV goes in- she has it all set up and ready to go. If Lily can keep this feed down and avoid the IV and keeps her next feed down we 'should' be able to go home in the morning. If she doesn't and we end up with an IV then who knows- they will then check her to see if she has contracted a gastro bug as well.

She is finally asleep now, with a belly full of food. I am exhausted and am going to try to get more than 2hrs sleep tonight.

I will update in the morning if there are any changes, or after Dr. M comes by.

Fingers crossed for her feed to stay down.

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