Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Staying another day

Last night was a long night with no sleep for me, but Lily got a fair amount. She didn't eat much last night or again at 430am this morning, so they decided to give her another breathing treatment at 6, she hates them! She cried herself to sleep and then woke up happy at 8 and ate 5.5oz, which is great!

Dr. M came by just before 9 and said she wants her to stay atleast another day to monitor her feeds, oxygen and chest. They said RSV gets worse before better, so we have to keep a close eye on her.

My mother in law came up for a bit so I could run to my parents and shower- its nice to feel somewhat human again.

Lots of people have said they would like to come see Lily, but we are asking that you please don't... Its best for Lily to minimize visitors- and better for you. RSV is highly contagious and can survive for hours on clothes, surfaces, etc. Those who have come other than Nelson and myself must wear gowns and masks.

Please feel free to message, email, ping, text- its easier than us trying to get to our cells if we are busy!

I will keep updating the blog, its the easiest way for us to keep everyone up to date.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, we really appreciate it.

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